SmartTouch Media is the mobile apps publisher and distributor.
We gather apps from various developers to present them on market the best way. The right positioning makes our selections work perfectly!
Each app at it’s place
The app installs grow if you choose the right environment. We work with tens of developers to represent their inventory in a most suitable manner.
We’re in tight partnership both with big development companies and independent studios. With most of the developers we have exclusive rights to publish / distribute their products on all the platforms.
1000 apps
We split all the inventory we operate by channels for effective organic promotion. There’s a huge number of games, tools, content-based apps, utilities and more. You’ll always find something you’re looking for.
We represent the products on all the major planforms. Our apps available on Apple App Store and Windows Marketplace, both mobile and desktop, as well as on all the major Android markets: Google Play, Amazon and NOOK.
The variety of apps guarantees large user base: our unique users / requests ratio is higher than the average on market. As well this provides the global coverage with high demanded geos (USA, Europe, LATAM, SEA) domination.
Robot Fighting 3D
The moment you arrived on the robotic planet XZ-01, you knew it wouldn't be easy to prove yourself to be the strongest one and seize the power. But you had no idea you would met such a great resistance. Take part in this robocombat of the future and show your enemies no mercy!
Prove yourself as a man of steel and become the king of the arena! Robot Fighting 3D - this fight club is for the strongest only!
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Coming Soon
Baby Tracker
Baby Tracker is a new helpful way to simplify the process of raising kids! Do you want your baby to grow healthy and strong? Do you want to become the best parent ever? If you do, you should definitely try our new Baby Tracker!
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Coming Soon
Typing Practice
Do you have problems with typing? We have a great solution for you - Typing Practice! It will help you to improve your typing skills in a funny and easy way! Don’t miss the opportunity to learn while playing!
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Ragdoll Stickman Fighting
The situation in the city is bad and people need a superhero to protect them! You are playing as mighty super stickman. Your aim is to stop street crimes and that’s why you should defeat all enemies on your way – are you able to beat them all? Be the best street fighter and pass through all levels!
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World Maps And Atlas
World Maps And Atlas allows you to learn locations of continents and countries easy as playing a game! If you are interested in world geography and politics or have to study for a geography test, get this political map to learn more about the world structure.
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Coming Soon
DJ Mix Pads
DJ Mix Pads is an awesome sound sampling tool for all music addicts! It doesn’t matter if you are a professional musician or a beginner, DJ Mix Pads makes it possible for everyone to create amazing music tracks in different styles, such as drum and bass, dubstep, electro-house and many others!
Coming Soon
Charges Tracker
Charges Tracker is a budget organizer which will help to control your finances, cut costs and save money! Start spending money wisely!

HOW TO USE: There are several categories of expenses. Add descriptions and amounts, which will be summed, check if you have exceeded the limit of expenses. You can see month and year statistics on expenses and income and also use currency converter.
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Coming Soon
Mountain Bike Sim 3D
A new Mountain Bike Sim 3D game for those who love high speed racing and all motorbike simulator geeks! Great fun for all ages.
Welcome to the greatest race on earth! The ultimate goal of this game is to drive a motorcycle and ride through the desert road avoiding obstacles on your way.
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About Us
SmartTouch Media acts as united publisher for independent app developers. We find the best way to present apps on market splitting them by featured accounts in app stores. The right positioning and cross-promotion drives the app installs and in-app purchases. Starting in 2014, last years we published more than 8000 apps on all the major markets.
The company was established in 2014 as the channel of the mobile apps distribution for inventory created by the group of companies interested in promotion on the wider range of app markets, not only on industry-standard Apple App Store and Google Play. Last years we published more than 8000 apps on all the major stores.
We care of success for each of app we publish. We track the market requirements to keep the apps up on top and have a strong business relationship with stores editors. Also we're in charge of app promotion beyond the markets, spreading the words across social media. Finally, we monetize the apps via store-friendly ad networks.
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